Greatness Fest is an event that connects secondary school students with young professionals for informal conversations about their paths to greatness. The event is a dynamic, mutually-enriching experience with many surprised by the dialogic nature of the conversations. While professionals initially aim to share their expertise, they often find their own perspectives broadened through engaging with the students.

The event gathers 180 students, aged 16 and 17, with 40 young professionals for discussions on career paths in a format similar to late-90s speed dating. Each professional sits across from groups of four or five students for 15-minute sessions, after which the students rotate to a new table. Our diverse group of professionals represents a variety of industries, underscoring that greatness manifests in numerous forms.

During their 15-minute sessions, students can ask the professionals any questions related to their own journey toward personal greatness. Queries may span topics from the professionals’ past school experiences and future career plans to their current work-life balance.

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