Organisational Structure

The structure of upthegreatness consists of our core family and our extended family. Our core family consists of five members. These five are involved in every aspect of upthegreatness from planning school visits to selecting panellists for our discussion series. 

Whereas, members of our ever-expanding extended family participate in specific aspects. For example, they may have appeared as a surprise guest during a prize-giving appearance or they may have volunteered to lead an art workshop.

ANGELLLLA: Four of the five core family members (Ez, Wani, Toti, and Jonny) pictured with the legendary Angie 

Faces for radio: Three of the five core family members (GHam, Toti, and Wani) were featured on an episode of the Whitgift Conversations podcast


Alexander Ezimora



The 23-year-old Jamaican international rugby player graduated from Loughborough University in 2022 with a 2:1 in Sports Management (BSc). During his time at Loughborough, he represented their First XV rugby performance squad and was a member of their Afro-Caribbean society. 

Since graduating from university, he has played semi-professional rugby in England's National League 1, and aspires to play in the professional game. Currently he is working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach; he has recently set up an online community around fitness, health, and nutrition which he has aptly named, Joe Parkes Training (JPT). 


Graduating from Swansea University with a BSc in Finance last year, Ayo's journey has been a prime example that there is no linear path to greatness. Although he began university with aspirations of  becoming a professional rugby player, he put that passion aside as he uncovered a skill for marketing student events. What began as a hobby in first year grew into a successful entrepreneurial venture by his second year with Ayo not only marketing but also, hosting and operating his own student events in Cardiff. Ayo's events quickly earnt the reputation of  being occasions that could not be missed. 

Since graduating, he embarked on a brief stint in recruitment before crossing over into the advertising & media industry. In his position as a media planner, he is able to unleash his creative instincts as he works on campaigns with the likes of Cadbury, the Premier League, and Channel 4. 


Since graduating from the University of Leicester with a first class degree in Marketing, Josh's path has been shaped by his love of sport. 

Currently, he has assumed the role of a producer within the sports media marketing space; a role which utilises the marketing knowledge which he accrued during his undergraduate degree whilst also enabling him to pursue his passion for all things sport-related. So far he has managed to work on global campaigns for the likes of Nike, EA Sports, and the NBA. 

As a freelancer, he has produced content for world-renowned athletes ranging from England Lionesses' Alessia Russo, to England's All-Time Top Goalscorer Harry Kane. One of his most notable achievements to date is the production work he did for FIFA in Qatar throughout the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 


Gabrielle graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in the Summer of 2023. Her three years at the esteemed institution culminated in an outstanding dissertation, "Psychoanalysis and the Understanding of the Uses of Visual Communication", which earnt her a First Class Honours in Painting and Printmaking.

Since graduating, her work has been displayed in two exhibitions in London. 

At present, Gabrielle works part-time for a Michelin Chef and Restaurant Communications Company. While in this current post, she continues to nurture her personal pursuits within the professional realms of Art through gallery experience and conversations with like-minded creatives. Her consistent creative aims, alongside her productive ambition, mean that her involvement within the business sector of Art grows daily.

Outside of her Communications role, she further pursues her creative endeavours as a freelance digital and graphic artist as well as, as a painter. Her work can be found via her IG: @gabriellejspooner.


Joseph started promoting London nightclubs just weeks after his 18th birthday after being discovered at a UCL freshers event.

He quickly rose within the industry as many of his colleagues and counterparts were impressed by his professionalism, quick thinking, and teetotal lifestyle. 

Now a UCL graduate and Director at Libertine, Joseph has catered to clients across the globe. His business expands beyond the nightlife industry to providing concierge services in luxury dining, events, and a number of other private bookings.

Outside of his work, Joseph has demonstrated himself to be a socially conscious individual as he founded an Afro-Caribbean Society at his secondary school. The purpose of which was to provide students with a place to discuss their identities, cultures, and experiences. Throughout his time at the school, Joseph achieved straight A's due to his self-discipline, intelligence, and conscientiousness; he now uses these same skills to his advantage within his professional life.

Extended family members Connor Slevin, Lennox Anyanwu, Sean Kerr, and Cassius Cleaves sporting our greatness knows no bounds bands whilst in action